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All in One Payment Terminal

POS Terminal

Back Office

An all‑in‑one cloud‑based EPOS system

Branded Customer Mobile App

A beautifully‑designed, fully‑integrated mobile app designed for your customers and branded as your business. Customers can interact with your full menu, order, track, pay, and engage with your business.

POS Terminal

Fast, responsive and intuitive, the YUMAPOS terminal software conducts all your point‑of‑sale transactions while also being integrated into your business’s loyalty programs, mobile apps, cloud‑based data storage, and more.

Back Office

The YUMAPOS back office is the headquarters for your YUMAPOS‑run terminals and mobile apps. The Back Office is a secure portal for the administration of management, item and price editing, inventory control, loyalty programs, staff management, business data, and marketing activity.

Waiter app

The waiter app allows staff to take tableside orders efficiently and accurately.This is synchronised with the main PoS terminal and kitchen app.

Kitchen App or Order Collection

Using the Kitchen app, the kitchen staff will be able to efficiently follow and fulfil incoming orders in a timely manner. The app is fully integrated into the front of house terminal allowing kitchen staff to update orders as they are processed.

Online ordering ecommerce website

A custom websites that enable customers to digitally and interactively browse your menu, to place dine in, take-out or delivery orders into a shopping cart, and to pay online by credit card via our secure payment processor.

Driver app

The driver app allows delivery drivers to easily keep track of their deliveries and also update their orders whilst on the move.

Customer mobile app

Taking your business to the next level – your own branded app available for iOS and Android.
Your full menu presented in a sleek and functional list, with detailed descriptions in each item screen.
Our app allows customers to pre-order and pre-pay for their goods! This will help manage queues during your busiest times of the day and improve your customers instore experience. They can pop in and collect their goods, food or even their morning coffee on the way to work.
If you have a delivery service, your customer can place their order via your app. Your customers can also track their order with three statuses – “In progress”, “On delivery” and “Delivered”. These features bring fully integrated mobile delivery capabilities to your business without excessive third-party charges.
Card details will be securely stored for repeat use, so new orders can be made at the click of a button.
Notify your customers about any promotional campaigns, loyalty programs and discounts via the app.
Bring your loyalty program online. Your customers won’t need to use physical loyalty cards anymore. All of your customers’ loyalty information will be stored within the app. No more lost cards or rewards – all points can be viewed and redeemed via a unique QR code or within the mobile menu.
All orders are saved within the app and are available for the customers to review – making it easy to reorder their favourite items.
Customers can find any branch of your store.

Advantages for you and your customers

Stay connected with your customers!

Always stay connected to your customers via our mobile app – it’s just so easy when you and your customers are online!

Reach greater heights regarding sales, customer service, online orders, and loyalty.


We want every one of our customers to benefit from all the cutting edge features available in Yumapos.

Yumapos benefits from the intuitive Epos terminal, full backend reporting, inventory, staff scheduling, table plans, delivery zones, automated customer marketing, vendors, back end accounting and many more features.

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