Go over big for a reason.
Optimize offline store operations with SUNMI self-service solutions.

Of high taste and practical.

Get a better visual experience with a big screen.

With this capacitive 24″ FHD screen which is 10-point multitouch, customers can enjoy a superior visual experience as well as a smooth using experience.

7-color indicator light for status check.

The plug-in indicator light on the top, which adds a touch of elegance to the kiosk with its half frosted half clear design, can show kiosk status in real time with 7 colors, letting you respond quickly.

Elegant and compact.

K2’s thin white body and well-proportioned modules will leave customers more room and comfort while using it. (Floor-Standing/Wall-Mounted)

Six-Core 1.8GHz

More Suitable CPU for Self-Service Devices


Run Smoothly With a Big Memory


Stable Connection With Dual-Band Wi-Fi


Japanese Seiko Print Engine
More versions for more scenarios.

Retail Version

  • Layered tray
  • Scan product barcode
  • QR code payment
  • Bank card payment
  • Receipt printing

Catering Version

  • Contactless loyalty cards
  • QR code payment
  • Bank card payment
  • Receipt printing

Healthcare Version (Scalable)

  • QR code payment
  • Bank card payment
  • Receipt printing
  • Medical card reading (optional)
  • A4/A5 Laser printing (optional)

Extendable Version (Optional modules)

  • Passport reading
  • RFID identification
  • Label printing
  • Perforated invoice printing
  • Scenic spot ticket printing
  • A4/A5 Laser printing
  • Automatic IC card issue
  • IC card reading & writing*Modules above are open for your choice.

Retail Version

It only takes 10s for a customer to self check out 5 items. The introduction of self-service equipment cuts queuing time and increases labor efficiency.

An imaging scanner of well-known brands including Data logic, Zebra can be chosen for the Retail Version.

The barcode reader with a world-leading reading performance can quickly and accurately recognize products in daily use. The scanner is 12° forward tilted for customers’ easier use.

Two stereo speakers.

Brings customers pleasantand clear prompt soundswith two stereo speakers(one on each side).

Partitioned platform.

The large unload area can perfectly accommodate a shopping basket. The platform is partitioned into unload area and bagging area, providing customers a hassle-free self-checkout experience.

Facial recognition payment.

The camera with a 67.9° ultra-big visual angle can recognize customers with a height of 1.5~1.9m.
Catering Version
Customers spend 30% more when using self-ordering kiosks than when ordering traditionally. Customer experience can be comprehensively enhanced with smart equipment.

Recommended dishes. (You can set it to your needs in software)

It can optimize ordering process by recommending side dishes after customers order main dishes.

Japanese Seiko print engine.(58mm/80mm)

Customers can scan to order and pay to get a ticket in real time for meal pick-up, while kitchen staff can start cooking with the ticket received in the meantime, thus saving 1-2 manpower in the whole process. The eye-catching orange is used on ticket exit as a reminder.

Healthcare Version(Scalable)

Cut queuing and shorten the time spent on a doctor visit into one hour for patients. Optimize patient flow by upgrading offline self-service zone with facial recognition.

Facial recognition.

If patients forgot medical cards, they can verify identities thru facial recognition, and reserve online, check in offline to complete filing work, registration as well as payment.

Scalable enough.

Modular functions including contactless card, ID document and contact card reading can be added to make K2 more applicable to specific scenarios.

Extendable Version

The adoption of self-service devices decreases the offline business processing’s dependence on human and also cut the length of waiting lines, which is efficient and convenient.

Bring digital self service into all walks of life.

Upgrade customer experience with different versions applicable to different scenarios.

K2 Tech Specs

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