Hotel check-in/out and self-service kiosk

An all-in-one kiosk with a large touch screen

H1为21.5″H1 is a 21.5” all-in-one device equipped with a touch-enabled large liquid screen with 1920×1080 resolution. In addition to a 178° field of view, the G+G capacitive screen powered by a ten-point multi-touch technology offers greater flexibility.

The future of Hotel

The hotel self-service terminal will enable a practically humanless reception. It will provides guests with a better experience by allowing them to complete the entire check-in process seamlessly, including face-ID verification, payment of the room charge and provision of the room cards.

Flexible room card capacity options and alert

The card dispenser installed in H1 allows for an inventory of 50-200 room access cards. When the number of cards in inventory falls below a preset level, the device sends an alert. Cards are added through an independent magnetic door, facilitating their daily management.

H1 Technical Specifications

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