SUNMI 89-Key Commercial Keyboard

Small but speedy.

Compact but Fully-Equipped.

It is a 276mm keyboard with narrow edges, which is more compact than an apple keyboard. The number keys which are frequently used on the right side are enlarged to meet the shop assistants’ need of touch typing.

16 Keys can be customized

It is equipped with a Cash short cut key to open the cash drawer with just one stroke, realizing the value of each key.

Easy to Dry off

Aside from the professional ingress protection (IP55) it conforms with, the water on the keyboard can also be easily shaken off after you detach the keyboard from the cable.

Extra-Long Service Time

The POM keys are designed to be independent, which can withstand 15 million times strokes.

Facilitate Your UseWith Enlarged Number Keys

The number keys on the right side of the keyboard are the same size as keys on a standard keyboard, which are sensitive to any of your stroke and will be suitable for shop assistants’ use while standing as well as reduce the injure to fingers caused by frequent input.


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