The L2 industrial level handheld PoS terminal features an rugged design, and 5″ touchscreen for easy operation.The L2 is IP67 rated and has a 1.2m drop specification, making it ideal for applications where workers need a durable device.
With its 5″ display, integrated 2D scanner and lightweight body, the L2 is a perfect solution for warehousing, retail and hospitality environments.
The single slot charger provides charging functionality for the L2.

Equipped with Zebra code scanning head to meet more customer requirements across industrial & commercial consumption fields.

IP 67 Protection

Totally dust-proof, waterproof within 1 meter,
dropping without damage within 1.2 meters
Operating temperature range as
wide as -20℃~55℃.

High capacity battery

The high capacity battery can sufficiently meet the demands of long shifts.

Built-in double card slots 4G Full Netcom, NFC

Optional PSAM card slot; you can
switch to a professional
field at any time.

Designed for tough conditions

  • The lanyard hole design minimizes the possibility of accidental dropping.
  • You can operate the L2 with gloves on which means you are able to still operate efficently in challenging weather conditions.
  • Set shortcut functions as you wish via customizable buttons.


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