The L2k rugged mobile computer features a 4″ industrial-grade display that comes with a glove mode option, along with a numberic keypad.

Non-stop operating

The built-in small battery allows for the replacement of the main battery without needing to turn off the mobile computer.

Walkie Talkie

Supports Wi-Fi/4G hybrid connection meaning you can communicate with colleagues even if your hands are busy.

Smart scan

1D/2D barcodes can be recognized even if they are scratched, folded or stained.


Surrounded by frosted light gray rubber and with four corners reinforced, Ultra Samurai can withstand a 1.5m height drop.


It is built to withstand harsh environments with an IP65 rating and the ability to operate in temperatures of -20°C – 55°C.

Permanent connectivity

With dual net wifi and 4G full net capabilities, the connectivity of the device won’t be restricted by network condition, enabling it to work with network connection anytime and anywhere.


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