The SUNMI M2 makes ordering and point-of-sale applications easy, making it perfect for waiters to use in busy hospitality environments.


The M2 offers a 5″ vivid display and enhanced network connectivity, helping users to take orders easier and faster, making the connection from order taking to the kitchen, seamless.
The M2 features a modern and detailed design and the casing protects the device meaning it has a drop spec of 1.2m. Its extra-thin body with user-friendly lanyard hole enables free mobility.
Sunmi M2 communicates via both Wi-Fi and 4G, so integration into the infrastructure will not be a problem. It also includes a built-in GPS module for monitoring devices.

The terminal works on the Android 7.1 operating system. Battery capacity is 3000 mAh, the terminal is recharged via a special stand or standard USB-C connector. The M2 also offers a scan camera so users can quickly identify one-dimensional and QR codes for payment.


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