The P2 Pro is an all-in-one 5.99″ POS and smart payment device. It features an integrated 58mm receipt printer and the option of a 1D scanner, making it perfect for processing orders remotely.
The P2 Pro offers 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity so it is ideal for applications such as order taking, point of sale and public transportations.

Professional 1D Barcode Scanner

Check product infomation with just one scan.

All payment methods.

Supports onmi-channel payments, including magnetic stripe card, IC card, NFC, QR code payment.

Magnetic stripe cards

IC cards

NFC cards

QR code payment

Dual SIM Dual Standby which allows switching between different carriers

Dual PASM enables processing in diverse application environments.

Double-shot molding for compression resistance and drop resistance

The device has a durable casing to protect it from impact and up to 1m drops. Its designs also allows users to hold it in one hand with a comfortable grip.


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