The W1 router provices high quality networking in busy enviroments, optimising data transfer speeds to ensure that operations run smoothly.

Zero delay in processing orders even during network congestion

Intelligent network optimizes data transfer speeds, assuring seamless operation of the cash register, order processing, printing and other devices in the store during peak traffic periods, when many customers use the store Wi-Fi to access the Internet.

High quality networking in complex environments

Automated networking of multiple SUNMI
routers provide more coverage and seamless
roaming. High quality network is available
wherever you go.

One-touch device connection

By gently pressing the orange button on the side of the router, any nearby SUNMI device can access the network without needing to be configured, providing ultimate convenience for your in-store device deployment.

Industry-grade power supply ensures extreme stability

SUNMI routers are equipped with
industrial grade power supply
providing you with a level of security
that cannot be achieved by home routers.

You can choose to place the router on a horizontal flat surface or hang on the wall or side of a counter

Comes with hooks for hanging and collapsible antennas
Compatible with all business environments.


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