SUNMIMini Cash Drawer

The reliable cash drawer for you.

Same capacity, less space occupied

Its room occupied is reduced by 22.5%, but capacity remains the same (four bill trays & three coin trays) compared with traditional small cash drawers to satisfy the need of stores.

Pressure-Resistantand Stable.

The cash drawer adopts anti-skid ABS panel, trapezoid shape andinternal honeycomb structure, evenly distributing the pressure on itand making it 10Kg bearable as well as avoiding the screen shaking in use.

Extra-Long Service Life

The employed industrial metallic bearings are more solid, unbreakable and smooth. The cash drawer can be opened by just one press on the key and has an extra-long service life exceeding one million operations.

Give you a neat work table with a cable storage compartment on the top of the cash drawer.

Trenghthened steel metalic clips covered by durable ABS for noise reduction are emplyed to avoid the harsh noise caused by traditional clips.

The inner side of the cash drawer adopts matt panel made of ABS material, which will save your fingers from getting hurt when they are accidently pinched.


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