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Online Ordering For Restaurants

Manage online orders more efficiently with a dedicated in-store terminal that works alongside any POS. Your customers will enjoy a better user experience while you pay zero commission fees. Never use a 3rd party vendor again

Customer Places Order

Your customer places an order online on your website, IOS or Android mobile app.

Prepare Customer Meal

Place the order details into any pos system and prepare the meal.

Order Complete

The customer receives the takeout, delivery or in-store order.

Keep 'em Coming Back

Target existing customers with push notifications and SMS messages.

Yuma POS Features

Today’s restaurants have never had more demand or opportunities—to reach their customers in new and exciting ways.

Restaurant Back-Office

Manage every aspect of your restaurant through a single dashboard. Update menus, promotions, pricing, delivery zones across all channels including in-store POS, IOS, Android, and Web Apps.

Menu & Promotions

Your restaurant menu is synced with the POS back office which allows for effortless menu updates. All orders are sent directly to your in-store online ordering terminal.

Ordering Process

Customers can easily place orders, view menu items, see pricing, leave feedback, collect loyalty and more. “86” items are removed from the website and mobile apps in real-time.

Branded Restaurant Website

Your restaurant website displays your current menu, promotions, hours of operations, locations, and more. No more wasted time having to update your website separately.

Multi-Unit Support

In the case of multi-unit restaurants, customers can view all locations and select the convenient one. All menu items, prices, delivery zones, are configurable in the back office.
eccomerce website

Schedule Orders

Customers can schedule orders for immediate processing or for a specified date and time in the future. The checkout process allows customers to send special requests.

Customer Activity

Each customer has own profile connected with his phone number, email address and contact information. Customers can view order history, save payment methods and more.

Customer Checkout

Checking out made easy, the checkout process works flawlessly across all devices. Customers can schedule delivery, in-store and take-out orders for now or in the future.

Online Ordering

Customer orders from the web and mobile apps are sent directly to a dedicated in-store online ordering terminal that is conveniently located at your “To-Go” station.

Delivery Zones

Create delivery zones with different fees based on the proximity of the user to the restaurant. Customers can place delivery orders if the address is in your delivery zone.

Analytics & Reporting

100+ reports are available to help you manage your locations, control costs, labor, and inventory. Track sales across all channels including sales trends, snapshots, and projections.
restaurant mobile app

IOS, Web & Android Mobile Apps

Customer orders from the web and mobile apps are sent directly to a dedicated in-store online ordering terminal that is conveniently located at your “To-Go” station for easy processing.

Marketing Tools Built-In

YUMA POS syncs across all locations, devices, and channels allowing you to manage your restaurant more efficiently.

yumpos online ordering hardware

Mobile & Web Apps

IOS, Android apps and website integrated out-of-the-box. Easily update your in-store menu and replicate it across all users and devices.

Marketing Automation

end customer notifications instantly to encourage repeat visits and keep your customers tuned in.

Push & SMS Messaging

Send notifications of upcoming events, specials, promotions, and invitations via email, push notifications and SMS messaging.

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