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A revolutionary all-in-one POS system
A fully integrated all‑in‑one POS system for stores of all sizes across all sectors
Customer Mobile App
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POS Terminal
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An all‑in‑one cloud‑based POS system

Customer Mobile App

A beautifully designed, fully integrated mobile app for iOS and Android. Your name, your logo, your brand – all included as part of the YUMAPOS system. Customers can view your full menu, ordering and paying securely with a few taps. The app also includes various other functionalities – click and collect, delivery tracking, loyalty programs and targeted promotional campaigns.

POS Terminal

The YUMAPOS software is truly cutting‑edge, and this really shines through in the terminal functionality. Fast, responsive and intuitive, the YUMAPOS terminal software will undertake all of your point-of-sale processes alongside full integration with your mobile app, loyalty schemes and more. The cloud‑based software means you’ll always have peace of mind over data storage, and constant free updates means you’ll always be ahead of the curve when it comes to the using the latest in POS technology.

Back Office

The YUMAPOS Back Office web application is the cornerstone to the terminal and mobile front end. As with all YUMAPOS software, the Back Office system is extensive yet easy to use. The Back Office is a secure portal for administration of all back‑end controls including stores/restaurants management, item and price editing, inventory control, loyalty schemes, staff management and employee access level management. Additionally, Back Office provides extensive reporting with key business data and marketing activity management.
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Customer mobile app

Taking your business to the next level – your own branded app available for iOS and Android.

  • Menu / items list
    Your full menu presented in a sleek and functional list, with detailed descriptions in each item screen.
  • Mobile click-and-collect
    Our app allows customers to pre-order and pre-pay for their goods! This will help manage queues during your busiest times of the day and improve your customers instore experience. They can pop in and collect their goods, food or even their morning coffee on the way to work.
  • Delivery and takeout
    If you have a delivery service, your customer can place their order via your app. Your customers can also track their order with three statuses – “In progress”, “On delivery” and “Delivered”. These features bring fully integrated mobile delivery capabilities to your business without excessive third-party charges.
  • Mobile payment
    Card details will be securely stored for repeat use, so new orders can be made at the click of a button.
  • Promotions and discounts
    Notify your customers about any promotional campaigns, loyalty programs and discounts via the app.
  • Loyalty program
    Bring your loyalty program online. Your customers won’t need to use physical loyalty cards anymore. All of your customers’ loyalty information will be stored within the app. No more lost cards or rewards – all points can be viewed and redeemed via a unique QR code or within the mobile menu.
  • Order history
    All orders are saved within the app and are available for the customers to review – making it easy to reorder their favourite items.
  • List of stores / restaurants
    Customers can find any branch of your store.
Menu / items list Mobile click-and-collect Delivery and takeout Mobile payment Promotions and discounts Loyalty program Order history List of stores / restaurants

Advantages for you and your customers

  • View, order and pay with just a few taps
  • Store, view and redeem loyalty points within your app
  • Notify customers of promotional campaigns, discounts and news
  • Customers can order for click and collect via the app, managing queue times and bringing faster, more convenient service.
  • Customer feedback directly to you

Enjoy enhanced customer service with our pioneering POS software

Know Your Customers

With YUMAPOS you can learn so much more about your customers, boosting your brand engagement and managing your marketing initiatives like never before.

Through both the in-store software and your mobile app you can offer unique discounts, rewards and more. Inform your customers about new promotional campaigns, latest news and even receive direct feedback.

Previously, this level of promotional power has been exclusive to expensive bespoke POS solutions. Now, whether a local coffee shop or a national clothes retailer, that capability is at your fingertips with YUMAPOS’ all-in-one POS software.

Managing your business is now easier than ever

The best hardware solutions

We stock the best hardware solutions for your POS system needs. All listed hardware is fully compatible with the YUMA ePOS software system.

Linx 1020 Tablet PC

£145 + VAT + accessories


Partner Tech Pat 120

£455 + VAT + accessories


Partner Tech SP5514

£525 + VAT + accessories


Partner Tech SP550

£540 + VAT + accessories


Aures Yuno

£825 + VAT + accessories


EM-300 Mobile POS

£545 + VAT + accessories




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