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Our EPOS software is the next step in your growth as a business. A single platform powered by a host of EPOS tools, choosing YumaPOS is a smart way to introduce intuitive technology, efficiency, and adaptability to your service.

Looking for a EPOS solution that is simple, secure, and scalable? We have packages to suit every budget. Our EPOS system has an unlimited capacity for customers, products, and payment options, so you can reach your potential without being held back by problematic growing pains.

Expand your capabilities and boost your business today.

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Synchronised EPOS software solutions - it’s management made easy

Transactions, inventory, customers, and staff are all part of the day-to-day management of your business. Without a centralised system, staying on top of each component can become chaotic and create inaccuracies that are potentially harmful to overall performance.

The YumaPOS Back Office allows you to stay on top of inventory management, build staff schedules, and monitor sales – all from a single, easy-to-use platform. Our comprehensive EPOS software is synchronised across all locations, devices, and channels, ensuring operations across the business are accurate and well-organised.

  • Run your cafe, restaurant, or pub effectively and maximise profits with endless dine-in features, such as split bills, item modifiers, integrated payments, time order management, and more.
  • Easily follow and fulfil incoming orders with our Kitchen Display. For added ease, it’s fully integrated with our front-of-house EPOS terminal to streamline communications and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Quickly update menu items, whether that’s the daily special or happy hour, with the option to define different product types and prices for each location.
  • Automate your stock control with our digitalised inventory management solution – keep track of stock movements, from the sales floor to the warehouse.
  • Receive frequent sales and stock updates to stay reactive to low-stock levels and make prompt remote purchase orders.
  • Efficiently manage thousands of products through a simple barcode system.
  • Create a central hub to conduct essential business operations and easily manage your locations with our multi-site capabilities.

Intuitive interface designed for speed

Running a business can be overwhelming, especially on those busy Saturdays or during rush hour. The last thing you need is arduous processes that take time away from delivering exceptional customer service.

Our clean, simple, and intuitive interface is easy to navigate and user-friendly, allowing you to get the most out of your EPOS with little fuss.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a technology whizz or a complete novice, with no hidden complications or a huge learning curve, you’ll be up and running in minutes. You will also have access to training from, as well as the continued support of, our expert team. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any concerns.

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Optimised for your industry, centred around your needs

Our EPOS system is perfectly customisable, offering a specialised service to boost performance and position your business as an industry leader.

  • Design a detailed floor plan with configurable table layouts.
  • Create unique product and price lists that automatically update on your mobile and web apps, including specific menus for take away and seasonal celebrations.
  • Our EPOS system has the capability to support multiple languages.
  • Stay on top of staffing with amendable employee lists, with the option to assign multiple roles to individual employees.
  • Create pre-set discounts for staff, seasonal, and specific customer base promotional activities.
  • Set up delivery zones with multiple configurations, integrated into Google Maps for improved accuracy.

Supercharge your business with meaningful analytics

Participating in the daily running of your business, our EPOS software records, stores, and presents key information, including top-selling products, staff performance, and deep customer insights.

With over 100 reports integrated into a single dashboard, this centralised hub is easy to access and facilitates data-driven decisions to drive business growth. Track and forecast your stock counts, create customer-specific campaigns based on buying habits, shape promotional pricing strategies, anticipate upcoming trends with year-on-year comparisons, and much more.

Take a quick glance at real-time sales performance or receive a granular breakdown of operations. With our EPOS software, there are numerous ways to review and analyse critical business data for maximum utility.

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Your EPOS software questions answered

Have a look at our FAQs below for any questions or queries you might have about our EPOS software.

If you can’t find your question, simply visit our support centre. There, you’ll discover all the information you need about our all-in-one EPOS solution. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team of technical experts.

All modern EPOS systems are a combination of hardware and software components. The software aspect is a smart digitalised system that enables you to register, process, and store customer transaction details efficiently. Synchronised across multiple devices and channels, it also helps you to simplify business processes and effectively resolve challenges.

Much more than just a basic payment processing machine, our all-in-one solution offers a constellation of tools designed to streamline your operations.

The YumaPOS system is simple yet powerful, boasting:

  • A frontend interface for the point of sale.
  • A backend (or Back Office) that houses all management functions and detailed analytics.

The two are connected and synched for seamless communication across the business.

Hosted online, our cloud-based point-of-sale system ensures all transaction history and valuable customer data are safely stored and easily accessible.

No matter how large or small your business, whether you’re in the retail or hospitality industry, there are endless benefits to introducing EPOS software.

On a basic level, a EPOS system enables you to accept payments and sell in person. With the era of clunky cash registers long gone, point-of-sale software can now be installed on tablets and smartphones, creating convenient handheld terminals that enable you to serve customers and take payments wherever you are. 

As a digitalised solution, EPOS software enables you to track and organise business information on one platform. This simplifies and speeds up the time-consuming tasks that you and your staff are required to carry out on a daily basis, boosting productivity and increasing profits.

As a business owner, this enables you to spend more time on the bigger picture, using valuable, data-driven insights to grow your business. For your staff, this allows them to focus on the overall customer experience, giving more attention to building positive and profitable customer relationships.

As well as a means to expand your point-of-sale capabilities, introducing options such as contactless payments, YumaPOS is a cloud-based business platform that offers endless possibilities for growth. From the more mundane responsibilities of inventory counts and invoicing to rewarding promotional activity that incentivises your customers, our system has multiple functionalities that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

EPOS systems have come a long way since the invention of the first cash register in 1879, becoming smarter and more sophisticated in their capabilities. Now able to coordinate the front-end and back-end operations, these integrated systems are the control centre of your business.

Cloud-based EPOS systems have increased in popularity, coinciding with an advance in the use of mobile EPOS. The ability to easily look up product information and take payments whilst on the move not only increases speed of service but also provides support with customer queries – boosting sales and overall customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win.

For hospitality and retail businesses, the advance of technology has led to an ever-increasing demand for an immediate and engaging customer experience, driving the pressure to satisfy and retain customers.

That’s where we come in. Our innovative EPOS system enables you to tailor, track, and optimise your operations to meet both your specific business goals and the needs of your customers.

As a time-saving, cost-reducing, and flexible platform, digitalised EPOS systems are essential to the survival of any modern-day business. As industry experts, we could talk about the benefits all day:

  • Faster payments with reduced waiting time for customers.
  • Improved customer information management with access to valuable target market data.
  • Better order management, allowing you to control purchasing, keep track of items ordered from suppliers, and minimise losses.
  • Operational improvements that increase the quality and speed of your service, leading to increased customer satisfaction, as well as a positive company image.
  • Easier employee management, allowing you to build schedules, monitor performance, and provide meaningful training.
  • Unlimited access to actionable data that enables you to make better and more informed business decisions.
  • Automated marketing and promotional activity for improved customer loyalty and increased profits.

Overall, an enjoyable customer experience leads to positive feedback about your business, creating a brand awareness effect that bolsters your overall image and expands your customer base.

It’s clear to see why demand for EPOS software has skyrocketed in recent years, with many business owners making the move to more modern management solutions to scale their success.

If you operate in the retail or hospitality sector and have yet to make the switch to an up-to-date EPOS system, it’s a no-brainer. Get in touch and we can talk options.

Why you need the YumaPOS single-platform solution

Put simply, a chief deciding factor of a business’s longevity is its ability to adapt – especially in the constantly changing landscape and highly competitive nature of modern-day industry.

Having the technology in place to centralise your operations and improve the efficiency of processes is critical. Plus, a more accurate payment system means fewer errors, faster wait times, and happier customers.

Whether you need a bit of extra help with supplier order management or want to streamline all your business processes with an end-to-end system, our experienced team will work with you to create an EPOS solution that is tailored to your requirements.

Keep up with emerging trends in your industry and kick out the competition.

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