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YumaPOS - The difference between running a successful restaurant and running behind the competition:

Whether you’re running an established restaurant chain or have just opened your doors, our restaurant pos system is designed to enhance the efficiency of your in-house service and improve the way your business operates on a wider scale.

YumaPOS’ solution can provide:

  • Single platform approach
  • Streamlined restaurant management
  • Elevated dine-in experience
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Connect your front and back of the house
  • Efficient ordering
  • Automated integrations with mobile and web apps
  • Payment flexibility

Working with YumaPOS as a restaurant? What you can expect:

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Point-of-sale Software

Synchronise your day-to-day operations and scale your business with our single-platform software solution.

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Order from Table

With handy waiter devices, QR codes and a digital kitchen display, transform your dine-in experience with our table ordering system.

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Marketing & Loyalty Schemes

Keep your customers coming back for more with tempting offers and automated marketing campaigns.

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Inventory Management

Stop worrying about waste and save time on stock checks with a smarter inventory management system.

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Handheld Point-of-sale

Lightweight and packed with innovative YumaPOS software, introduce flexibility to your ordering process with our handheld EPOS solution.

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Live Dashboard & Real-Time Reporting

How well do you know your customers? Take your business to new heights with actionable ordering insights and fuss-free reporting.

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Integrated Kitchen Display Systems

Improve order accuracy and reduce the chaos in the kitchen with our integrated back-of-house display systems.

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What our clients think

Excellent, prompt service

The Till system itself is easy to use and customisable allowing for our business to run efficiently and more organise. Chris has been really helpful and accommodating with setting up the system. Nothing is too much of a problem. Highly recommend.

Mai L - Yuma Customer

Set your restaurant up for success

At YumaPOS, we understand that running a restaurant is no simple task. As well as the daily juggling of menus, stock management, and maintaining first-class customer service, there’s that ever-so-small challenge of, well, y’know growing your business. In short, there’s a lot to do. Plus, with an endless stream of data to get your head around, finding the time to put valuable customer insights to good use can seem impossible.

Our system encompasses a wide range of EPOS services and solutions that can be tailored to your business, no matter its size or stage of development. It can be operated on multiple types of devices, including tablets, stationary screens, various handheld devices, and even self-service stations like kiosks. Drastically reducing inefficiencies and delays, a restaurant equipped with YumaPOS is set up for success.

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Revolutionise your restaurant with automation

Cut down on unnecessary interactions with our synchronised EPOS solution, easing the pressure on your staff and creating a relaxed ambience for your customers to enjoy. Powered by YumaPOS software and navigated with a selection of quality hardware, you can now align your processes and speed up service:

Streamline your stock, sales, and staff. Propel your business performance.

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Double your profits with dine-in and delivery

Future-proof your restaurant by increasing your offering and maximising your reach. Whether your customers are dining in or dashing out for a takeaway, you can now manage multiple order types at once with access to a centralised digital ordering system.

With readily-available integrations, you can quickly pivot to online ordering for no additional cost. This will enable your customers to browse your menu on any device and schedule orders for dine-in, collection, or delivery from any location.

With the rise of mobile delivery apps, your customers are looking for convenience. YumaPOS enables you to strengthen your online presence across several popular platforms, including Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat.

From the high street to the sofa, reach your customers where they are.

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Make the most of your menu

As the heart of your restaurant, we understand that creating a show-stopping menu is a top priority. With our EPOS system, you can now create a visually enticing and easy-to-navigate online menu in minutes. Plus, with our game-changing QR code ordering solution, your customers are free to browse your menu on their smartphones – without waiting to be served.

Integrated across all devices and managed from a single platform, the time-consuming task of updating your menu is taken off your hands. Whether you have an exclusive offering for takeaway, an item is sold out, or it’s time for the Sunday special, you can easily modify product listings and prices.

Digitising your menu enables you to record and utilise data-driven insights, including what your customers have previously ordered – even simply what they’ve viewed! This provides an opportunity to upsell complimentary items based on popular purchases.


Reward regular guests and build brand loyalty

Connecting with your customers is integral to the success of your restaurant. With access to an integrated points feature, it’s never been easier to engage your customers and build a loyal community.

As an all-in-one EPOS solution, our points-based rewards and loyalty programme is informed by customer data, including their contact details and purchase history. This allows you to create a customised offer that captures their attention on an individual level.

  • Track purchases, points, and redemptions
  • Communicate incentives with instant notifications to your customers’ smartphones
  • Boost customer loyalty and build long-lasting relationships
  • Create customer segments and launch targeted marketing campaigns

Incentivise your customers to keep your restaurant on their rounds.

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Ready to get started?

You can always count on our specially trained experts to help you and your staff get started – whether you’re fresh to using EPOS or switching from an existing system. Our team will assist you every step of the way, from the initial enquiry to the installation process to the training and beyond, ensuring your cafe or coffee shop gets the most from our all-in-one solution.
Get in touch today to find out how our industry-leading EPOS system can save your business time, effort and money.
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Your questions answered

If you’d like to learn more about how YumaPOS can help to transform your restaurant, get in touch with our team of in-house experts today to discuss your requirements.

With the high volume of customers and credit cards passing through your restaurant each day, it can be hard to keep up. The solution? Our fit-for-purpose EPOS system combines life-saving software with hardware designed to improve the efficiency of your ordering and payment processes.

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, there’s little time for bookkeeping and counting cash. With plenty of choice out there, understanding who your customers are and how to hold their interest is critical. Restaurants are increasingly offering options for takeaway and collection, with many appearing on popular platforms such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats. It doesn’t matter if you’re serving sandwiches or sushi, your customers are after flexibility and meeting their high expectations is the key to success.

For your business to reach its full potential, you need to be able to deliver a personalised and speedy dine-in experience while also finding ways to expand your service. Digitising your restaurant management system will not only benefit your employees and customers but will enable you to grow your business.

For a restaurant to operate efficiently, you need to centralise your management processes and streamline communication between your front-of-house staff and the kitchen. Sounds simple enough…

With our easy-to-use EPOS system, you can control your inventory, map out multiple floor plans, modify menus, and more – all from a single platform.

Your waiting staff will be able to use handheld EPOS devices and/or the main till to send orders straight to the kitchen, where your back-of-house team can quickly view them on a digital kitchen display.

Whatever the role, working in a restaurant requires a great deal of multitasking, especially during weekends and rush hours. In a busy environment, communication can be challenging, and an ordering system that can’t keep pace will likely unravel.

Our EPOS solution eliminates the need for unreliable order tickets and problematic queues. With the tap of a few buttons, your team will be able to work more efficiently and in harmony with each other, allowing them to focus on fulfilling their individual roles to an exceptional standard.

As a restaurant owner, our platform enables you to accurately record your employees’ daily activities and delegate responsibilities. Not only does this make staff management a breeze, but it gives each team member a clear understanding of their roles and duties. What’s more, you can even incentivise your staff with loyalty points, creating a positive working environment and boosting productivity.

Designed to grow with your business, our EPOS system isn’t just for larger restaurants and established chains. Whatever size of restaurant you run, embracing the technological advances of the industry will drastically improve your service and ensure the survival of your business.

Saving you valuable time and money, YumaPOS will both support you with the day-to-day running of your small restaurant and provide you with much-needed customer insights. With access to multiple reports in seconds, our platform can help you build a loyal customer base, bolster your brand image, and develop your offering to maximise sales.

For an all-in-one EPOS system that truly does it all, choose YumaPOS.

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