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Large arena venues and spectator sports events attract thousands of customers. And when it comes to an interval, cutting queues and ensuring quick transactions can seem like a nightmare. After all, customers don’t want to lose out on one second of the action.

Our stadium EPOS allows businesses to dramatically reduce any unnecessary interactions through the implementation of modern hardware and software, allowing you to save time and maximise sales.

The unique YumaPOS payment solution guarantees any stadium event can run as smoothly as possible, automatically handling your sales, tracking your inventory, and managing your employees. YumaPOS offers:

  • A single-platform approach
  • Streamlined stadium payment management
  • Tailored to the needs of your event
  • Efficient ordering
  • Merchandise and inventory management
  • Automated integrations with mobile and web apps
  • Payment flexibility

Working with YumaPOS as a stadium. What you can expect:

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Point-of-sale Software

Synchronise your day-to-day operations and scale your business with our single-platform software solution.

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Order from Table

With handy waiter devices, QR codes and a digital kitchen display, transform your dine-in experience with our table ordering system.

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Marketing & Loyalty Schemes

Keep your customers coming back for more with tempting offers and automated marketing campaigns.

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Inventory Management

Stop worrying about waste and save time on stock checks with a smarter inventory management system.

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Handheld Point-of-sale

Lightweight and packed with innovative YumaPOS software, introduce flexibility to your ordering process with our handheld EPOS solution.

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Live Dashboard & Real-Time Reporting

How well do you know your customers? Take your business to new heights with actionable ordering insights and fuss-free reporting.

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Integrated Kitchen Display Systems

Improve order accuracy and reduce the chaos in the kitchen with our integrated back-of-house display systems.

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What our clients think

Excellent, prompt service

The Till system itself is easy to use and customisable allowing for our business to run efficiently and more organise. Chris has been really helpful and accommodating with setting up the system. Nothing is too much of a problem. Highly recommend.

Mai L - Yuma Customer
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Kit your stadium out with leading POS hardware and software

YumaPOS offers cutting-edge EPOS hardware and software that can be tailored specifically to your business needs, guaranteeing an efficient and successful event.

Our unique software automatically syncs your data across all of your devices, allowing for maximum business efficiency and minimum stress.

With YumaPOS, there’s no need to worry. Our cloud-based system centralises the management of your stadium event, allowing for everything to be accessed and operated from any device – including tablets, smartphones, self-service kiosks, and more.

Whatever you need to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible, we have you covered.

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Stock management - made simple!

We understand that stock and inventory management can be stressful, especially at a large venue with potentially thousands of guests. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

YumaPOS offers an unparalleled inventory control service that couldn’t be simpler to use. Control your levels of stock, create purchase orders, manage returns, audit your inventory & more with our unique stadium POS.

All inventory items are automatically reserved and deducted at the point of sale, ensuring streamlined inventory management with every purchase.

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Unshakeable FOH communication - even when the crowd goes wild

Stadium events can become incredibly hectic, meaning the more traditional methods of order management typically struggle to rise to the agile demands needed.

We get that, which is why YumaPOS offers an efficient mobile ordering solution that is guaranteed to make kitchen and bar operations run as smoothly as possible – keeping up, even during the busiest periods like half-time or set breaks.
Our integrated front of house display allows you to get real-time order notifications on a dedicated POS terminal. Through YumaPOS, you can easily manage your orders and streamline communications between staff:

  • Improve order accuracy and fulfilment times
  • Eliminate tensions in the kitchen and bar with boosted efficiency
  • Stay on top of all of your orders
  • Increase sales with self-serve kiosks
  • Easily update your inventory through automation
  • Handheld devices allow you to take orders on the go
  • Orders can be taken to customer seats

Easily access reporting and analytics, from literally anywhere

YumaPOS allows you to streamline the analytics and reporting side of your business. Our synchronised EPOS solution lets you access 100+ reports, allowing you to effectively gain insights into every aspect of your customer analytics across all locations.

Analyse the purchasing activity of your customers, their recent visits, and their activity. Create customer-tailored campaigns based on buying habits and send push notifications, emails, and SMS messaging to keep customers engaged, satisfied, and in the loop.

Our integrated cloud-based software allows you to view all of your transaction reports to effectively analyse your sales in real time, across all devices and locations. View sales trends, snapshots, and projections to truly maximise your business operation with our efficient and cost-effective accounting software.

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Multi-site functionality for different hospitality suites

Our unique EPOS system allows businesses to centralise the management of multiple venues through secure cloud-based technology.

Through the dedicated dashboard, you’ll easily be able to manage every aspect of your event remotely, and in real time, allowing for unparalleled multi-site functionality that makes managing your sales as straightforward as possible.
View transaction reports from multiple locations and channels

  • Manage your staff from different events
  • Analyse customer activity right as it happens
  • Track your inventory and stock analytics across different venues
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Here at YumaPOS, we understand that large venue events bring with them an even larger number of customers, which is why we want to ensure that your event is run efficiently. By installing our intuitive stadium POS system, we can work together to find a tailored solution that’s just right for you.

Our competitively priced EPOS solution includes the latest software and the greatest hardware, both of which are included in your bespoke package. Most POS companies charge for services such as stock management, marketing, and reporting features – we don’t.

With YumaPOS, there are no additional or hidden fees in the price. And that’s a guarantee.
From the initial line of enquiry to the installation and beyond, our expert team will be at hand, ready to offer support as and when you need it.

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Ready to get started?

You can always count on our specially trained experts to help you and your staff get started – whether you’re fresh to using EPOS or switching from an existing system. Our team will assist you every step of the way, from the initial enquiry to the installation process to the training and beyond, ensuring your cafe or coffee shop gets the most from our all-in-one solution.

Get in touch today to find out how our industry-leading EPOS system can save your business time, effort and money.
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Your stadium EPOS questions answered

When it comes to choosing an efficient EPOS system to implement into a stadium, we appreciate that it can be overwhelming, and you may have a lot of questions – and we recognise that it’s important to be transparent.

That’s why at YumaPOS, we can offer you a streamlined, easy-to-use stadium EPOS system that enables you to handle a large volume of orders rapidly, so customers don’t have to miss out on the main event.

Our EPOS system covers everything you’ll need to ensure the smooth running of your stadium event. From concessions to inventory management, YumaPOS encompasses all, and truly has you covered.

An electric point of sale system (EPOS) is a way that businesses of all types can streamline how they manage transactions. It allows you to accept digital customer payments through a variety of different methods – all while efficiently managing various aspects of the business behind the scenes.

In short, getting the right EPOS system is a great way to enhance the efficiency of any event your stadium runs, as well as improve customer experience.

At YumaPOS, we offer a EPOS system like no other. Our stadium EPOS is an all-in-one cloud-based solution, fully optimised for hospitality, and is perfect if you are looking for an intuitive system that covers all areas.

Easy to use, with no hidden costs, and with the ability to be tailored to exactly how you’d like it, YumaPOS guarantees that every stadium event you host will be managed smoothly, without any hassle.

The purpose of an EPOS system is to make things easier for your business. With the easy-to-use YumaPOS, you can effectively streamline the way your business operates financially, and centralise your payment management.
With YumaPOS, it’s never been easier to manage large stadium events. Our automated EPOS system means you’ll barely have to lift a finger when it comes to the management of your payments and inventory.

With our specialist EPOS hardware, transactions are seamless and instant. Your inventory will be updated automatically with every purchase, providing swift customer satisfaction with the speed of service – not to mention staff satisfaction, knowing they can operate without any hitches, being backed up all the while by YumaPOS tech.

At an unbeatable price, YumaPOS offers a cost-effective, hospitality-focused solution to payment management. Contact us today and discover how you can drastically improve the efficiency of your stadium.