Supercharge your service and enhance customer satisfaction

The YumaPOS QR code ordering system is an adaptable and synchronised EPOS solution for all business types.

For businesses operating in the hospitality and retail spaces, continued advances in technology are drastically changing customer habits. Nowadays, your customers are not only looking for faster order fulfilment and a wider range of payment options but an elevated experience that combines attentive in-house service with various digital elements.


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What you can expect from our QR code ordering system:

  • Contactless and customisable ordering
  • Fully integrated EPOS system
  • Digital menu with branding opportunities
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Flexible payment options
  • Simple setup
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Faster table turnover
  • Actionable customer insights
  • Enhanced marketing capabilities

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Innovative technology, tailored to your business

Reshape your customer service with our smart, speedy, and streamlined QR code solution. Whether you run the local pub or own a small retail store, our system is the future of your business.

Most mobile phones have a built-in QR code scanner, providing you with a convenient ordering solution. All you need is a first-class digital platform. As a leading EPOS provider, our system is powered by innovative technology and offers an unlimited capacity for game-changing tools, so you can run your business in a way that makes sense to you.

With no additional hardware required, our QR software is intuitive to use and designed with simplicity in mind. With the support of our dedicated team of experts, you will be up and running in no time.

Our QR code ordering system includes:

  • QR codes that can be placed anywhere
  • Intuitive and dynamic mobile app
  • Electric-point-of-sale (EPOS) integration
  • Secure and efficient payment processing that accommodates a variety of payment methods
  • Website and social media visibility

Quick response, happy customers.

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Take your dine-in experience digital

Ensuring each customer gets an equally exceptional level of service can be challenging, especially during busier periods. With a simple scan of their smartphones, your customers can browse, order, and pay from their tables without needing to be waited on – literally! Our digital platform will transform the day-to-day running of your business by eliminating the need for paper menus, unreliable order forms, and time-consuming cash payments.

No more plate spinning or manic multitasking, our automated system creates a seamless customer experience from start to finish:

Free your staff from the daily dash of manual order fulfilment and boost your business.


So much more than a menu

Our game-changing business solution can be tailored to your specific needs, providing you with additional tools to expand your offering and drive revenue without any extra cost.

Yes, you can create an eye-catching digital menu that offers endless customisations. But why stop there? Our QR code platform can be used to fulfil a range of requirements, whether that’s sharing key information about your products or service, promoting a specific brand image, or growing your online network…

Why wait around if your customers don’t have to? Unleash your potential today. 

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Customer-focused, convenient, and contactless

Providing your customers with payment flexibility and keeping up with emerging trends is crucial.

Run from a single platform, our all-in-one EPOS solution enables you to streamline and synchronise your business operations. Combining the order and payment process cuts down on time-consuming interactions and creates a more relaxed experience for your customers. As a business owner, it also enables you to capture and analyse customer insights on popular menu items, upsell opportunities, and ordering patterns.

The YumaPOS QR code system supports the cashless payment types preferred by your customers, while meeting necessary compliance and regulatory requirements, for a simple and secure checkout.

Offer a delivery service? Our system can be integrated with multiple delivery partners, including Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat, allowing your customers to easily place orders from the same platform.

Upgrade your payment process and double your profits. 


Reach new heights with targeted marketing

Promoting your business can be costly and time consuming. Maximise your efforts and expand your reach with our answer to online marketing.

In an increasingly digital world, we are practically glued to our smartphones. Our comprehensive QR code system is an effective marketing tool for your retail or hospitality business. This offers an opportunity for you to instantly connect with your customers, wherever they are.

  • Track customer patterns and preferences for targeted promotional activity
  • Transform your customers into brand ambassadors through social media sharing
  • Segment your ideal customer base through data analysis
  • Access a constant stream of valuable customer feedback
  • Create a points-based programme to reward loyal customers and encourage repeat visits

Set your business apart and keep your customers coming back for more.

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Your QR code questions answered

Have a look at our FAQs below for any questions or queries you might have about our QR code ordering system.

If you can’t find your question, get in touch with our friendly team of technical experts.

Whatever your business type and size, a QR code ordering system enables you to provide a contactless experience for your customers. Depending on the desired journey, this versatile feature can be placed at various points within your business. This can include:

  • Entrance or reception areas – We’ve all experienced the standard routine of ‘waiting to be seated’. This provides a great opportunity to display QR codes in easy-to-access locations, giving customers a range of key information about your business, including hours of operation and menus.
  • Tables or booths – Perfect for restaurants, cafes, pubs, and even bars, QR code stickers aren’t only great for freeing up table space but also allow your customers to leisurely explore your online menu and order without having to flag down waiters. If you own a food truck or run a stall at an event or festival, QR codes can be conveniently placed in the window or on the side.
  • Physical menus – Printing a handy QR code on your menus will provide your customers with a quicker contactless ordering and payment option. You can also use this platform to provide more in-depth information about your menu items.
  • Posters – From concert venues to retail stores and festivals, placing QR codes on posters will provide several additional interactive touchpoints, maximising your marketing and customer engagement efforts.
  • Product displays and packaging – If your business operates within the retail industry, it can be difficult to provide your customers with useful information without overwhelming them in-store. A simple QR code can act like a digital portal, offering resources around product information, promotional offers, reviews, sustainability, and more.

The YumaPOS QR code ordering system can be tailored to fit your specific business needs and preferences. Optimised for mobile, this system is generally used to direct customers to a QR code menu, services, or shopping cart.

Designed to support your business with its wider operations, our all-in-one EPOS solution offers limitless integrations. This means your digitised order process can be linked to several profitable features, including discounts, seasonal promotions, or even a points-based loyalty programme.

Step 1 – Transforming the traditional dine-in journey, your customers can scan the code in their own time using either a smartphone camera or a specific scanning app.

Step 2 – Through a secure link, the code will direct your customers to a branded digital menu or online ordering solution. Offering an app-like experience with an intuitive interface, this platform is easy to navigate for a fuss-free process. Your customers will even have the choice to add customisations and special requests.

Step 3 – QR code ordering accommodates a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards and mobile wallets. To encourage returning customers, there is also the option to checkout via a prepaid account.

Step 4 – As a fully synchronised system, your back and front-of-house will be seamlessly connected. An order confirmation will be received by both the customer and the kitchen in real time through an automated notification.

As well as the obvious benefits of faster table turnaround times and an increased number of orders, a QR code system elevates the dine-in experience by creating a relaxed atmosphere. Without the pressure of customer-staff interactions, customers are given a sense of control and can take their time to decide, meaning order values are more likely to increase.

Plus, this data-driven platform can automatically recommend complimentary items based on the customer’s order. Combined with a longer browsing period, this creates opportunities for upsells and encourages customers to spend more.

Digitising your business processes will enable you to frequently modify your menu offering, capitalising on busier seasonal periods and sudden spikes in demand.

Boost profits and cut unnecessary costs. It’s a win-win. 

Nothing prevents customers from returning to a business like frustrating wait times and limited capabilities, whether that’s the ordering process or methods of payment. Promoting your business as innovative, customer-focused, and flexible will give you a competitive advantage, attracting new customers while retaining your existing base.

Introducing a digital aspect to your everyday operation will appeal to an increasingly device-first customer base, bolstering your brand image and making it easier for your customers to engage. Plus, by connecting your customers to social media channels and reviews throughout their dining or shopping experience, this online platform can help you to create a strong online network.

With increased convenience and an enhanced online presence, QR codes will not only improve efficiencies but completely transform the customer experience, both in-house and digitally.