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A multifunctional platform system to help your business

At YumaPOS, we specialise in providing a tailored, fit-for-purpose EPOS system that can make an impactful difference regardless of the size of your vape business.

Whether you’re running an established vape chain or have just opened your store doors, our vape pos system is designed to enhance the efficiency of your service and improve the way your business operates.

In particular, businesses that deal with a lot of variants of one product type, such as vape stores, have much to gain from a well-functioning of POS system.


Working with YumaPOS as a vape store. What you can expect:

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Point-of-sale Software

Synchronise your day-to-day operations and scale your business with our single-platform software solution.

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Order from Table

With handy waiter devices, QR codes and a digital kitchen display, transform your dine-in experience with our table ordering system.

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Marketing & Loyalty Schemes

Keep your customers coming back for more with tempting offers and automated marketing campaigns.

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Inventory Management

Stop worrying about waste and save time on stock checks with a smarter inventory management system.

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Handheld Point-of-sale

Lightweight and packed with innovative YumaPOS software, introduce flexibility to your ordering process with our handheld EPOS solution.

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Live Dashboard & Real-Time Reporting

How well do you know your customers? Take your business to new heights with actionable ordering insights and fuss-free reporting.

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Integrated Kitchen Display Systems

Improve order accuracy and reduce the chaos in the kitchen with our integrated back-of-house display systems.

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What our clients think

Excellent, prompt service

The Till system itself is easy to use and customisable allowing for our business to run efficiently and more organise. Chris has been really helpful and accommodating with setting up the system. Nothing is too much of a problem. Highly recommend.

Mai L - Yuma Customer
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The perks of a reliable vape store POS system

Dynamic vape store POS solutions assist an employee with tracking the business’s inventory, transactions, stock, sales, and profits, offering brilliant time efficiency and management benefits.

As a vape store business owner, gaining access to a multifunctional EPOS system will enable you to focus on growing your business.

With an optimised digital order collection and fully integrated payment system, YumaPOS enables you to efficiently follow and fulfil orders on time.

Be one step ahead of your competitors with our vape store POS, preventing your customers from having to wait.

A EPOS system will help your vape store make faster transactions and sales by using external hardware support such as receipt printing and barcode scanning.

A EPOS system’s ability to accept a range of different payment methods is extremely useful when owning a vape shop due to your range of customers.

Tracking of products is easily done with our vape EPOS system. You can also update your stock counts easily, which is great for new up-and-coming vape flavours.

On top of this, if there are any price updates, it can help you prevent mistakes in product pricing while billing.

Vape store POS systems can help you to create daily sales reports and inventory management reports, enabling you to track your profits, product demand, sales, and stock products.

You’ll be able to track the location of your inventory at any time, from anywhere. See, edit, and arrange shipments using the handy live dashboard and real-time reporting software.


What do you get with YumaPOS?

Here at YumaPOS, we are a cloud-based software solution, offering EPOS, inventory management, hardware, and a range of other EPOS products and services. With YumaPOS, customers get SaaS, hardware, and online & app functionality, all in one package.

Your bundles are readily loaded with all the things you need to take your vape store to the next level. Our systems are fully customisable and can be used across smartphones, tablets, handheld devices and multiple hardware options. YumaPOS offers everything your business needs in one place.

In the era of contactless cards, quick taps, and digital wallets, EPOS is a must-have for vape stores. As you know, this increasingly competitive industry is full of options for your customers, so staying flexible and moving your business online is vital. Streamline your stock, sales, and staff. Propel your business performance.

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Why choose YumaPOS?

  • We offer competitive pricing
  • There are no hidden fees in the price
  • No additional fees for services such as stock management, marketing, loyalty, etc.
  • Our solution is flexible and includes modular services tailored to meet your needs

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Hardware and Software in one package

Our software is the driving force behind our all-in-one solution.

As the central hub of your business, you can control every aspect of your daily operations from a single platform.

Scale-back or step-up your vape store business with a custom selection of hardware and software.

  • Integrate business accounts and management streams with a click
  • See your goods with a glance thanks to simple and straightforward dashboards
  • With an unlimited capacity for customers, products and payment options, you can tailor YumaPOS to span your entire pipeline, or simply supercharge your ordering process.
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Your business data, wherever you need it

Our system is simply connected to the internet, integrating with payment providers. This makes it easy to make sales, process payments, and keep a record of transactions.

As a cloud-based system, we store your data so that it can be accessed anywhere and from any device – for hassle-free, accurate, and up-to-date reporting that enables you to make insightful and confident business decisions.


Unrivalled support, from start to finish

At YumaPOS, we offer free 24/7 technical support. With comprehensive onboarding and around-the-clock assistance, we support your business at every step.

Our EPOS systems are super easy to learn thanks to our collaborative set-up, which means your YumaPOS bundles are already loaded with all the things you need to take your business to the next level.

We’re on hand to give you a complete run-down of whichever new bundle you add, helping you and your staff discover fresh ways to speed up service, simplify management, and even deploy marketing assets with the touch of a button.

Our vape store POS systems are fully customisable and can be used across smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices.

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Ready to get started?

You can always count on our specially trained experts to help you and your staff get started – whether you’re fresh to using EPOS or switching from an existing system. Our team will assist you every step of the way, from the initial enquiry to the installation process to the training and beyond, ensuring your cafe or coffee shop gets the most from our all-in-one solution.

Get in touch today to find out how our industry-leading EPOS system can save your business time, effort and money.
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Your vape store EPOS questions answered

A vape point-of-sale system is created for small business owners to efficiently manage their vape sales and inventory all from one place.

Due to vape shops being declared as high-risk ventures, they require effective EPOS systems, allowing them to provide sales restrictions and related functionality.

Vape EPOS allows you to confidently sell vape products with peace of mind.

A EPOS system refers to the combination of hardware and software required to accept and process different forms of digital payments. The hardware may include a card acceptance machine, and the software handles the remaining payment methods and processing of services.

A vape store EPOS system will calculate a customer’s purchase and processes the payment as well as log the time and date of the transaction. After the transaction has been completed, the EPOS system will generate a receipt and update the inventory records.

Unfortunately, it is prohibited to promote any tobacco products on Google Shopping Ads as well as other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which have strict policies against it.

You are allowed to speak about your vapes on your own website, or on other online spaces under your control.

Bear in mind, this content can’t be in any way promotional. It needs to be strictly factual, for example, a list of your products and information on how to use them.

Customer loyalty scheme
One successful strategy for marketing a brand, which isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, is developing a customer loyalty programme.

Loyalty schemes tend to offer rewards, discounts, and any other alternative incentives as a way to attract and retain customers. They are designed to encourage repeat customers, offering people a reward for store loyalty.

YumaPOS can aid in customer loyalty software, creating a loyalty scheme to encourage customers to return. Customer retention is critical for the success of a small business.