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An EPOS solution that can keep up

When you’re busy spinning – and serving – plates, your coffee shop needs an EPOS solution that can keep up. Whether you’re new on the block or have been making outstanding espressos for years, our cafe EPOS system makes light work of streamlining operations. Designed to improve efficiency across the board, YumaPOS can be tailored to your exact needs – all from a single platform.


However you sell, do it well with YumaPOS

With YumaPOS intuitive cloud-based software, paired with a selection of outstanding hardware solutions, we have a cafe EPOS system to suit your needs. Offering tailored set-ups that encompass everything from ordering to taking payments at the table, we can get you heads and shoulders above the competition, with:

  • Smooth Order Management
  • Lightning-Fast Payment Acceptance
  • Super-accessible Inventory
  • Integrated Loyalty Schemes for your Regulars
  • Bespoke Analytics for Bestsellers, Busy Periods and More

Working with YumaPOS as a cafe or coffee shop? Here’s what you can expect

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Point-of-sale Software

Synchronise your day-to-day operations and scale your business with our single-platform software solution.

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Order from Table

With handy waiter devices, QR codes and a digital kitchen display, transform your dine-in experience with our table ordering system.

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Marketing & Loyalty Schemes

Keep your customers coming back for more with tempting offers and automated marketing campaigns.

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Inventory Management

Stop worrying about waste and save time on stock checks with a smarter inventory management system.

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Handheld Point-of-sale

Lightweight and packed with innovative YumaPOS software, introduce flexibility to your ordering process with our handheld EPOS solution.

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Live Dashboard & Real-Time Reporting

How well do you know your customers? Take your business to new heights with actionable ordering insights and fuss-free reporting.

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Integrated Kitchen Display Systems

Improve order accuracy and reduce the chaos in the kitchen with our integrated back-of-house display systems.

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What our clients think

Excellent, prompt service

The Till system itself is easy to use and customisable allowing for our business to run efficiently and more organise. Chris has been really helpful and accommodating with setting up the system. Nothing is too much of a problem. Highly recommend.

Mai L - Yuma Customer
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Everything you need, in one place

From cold brews to steaming soups, waiting tables to waiting customers, we know your business can’t afford to stop for anything. We know that loyalty cards, overall management, quality customer service and a stocked inventory makes for a pretty stacked plate, which is why your EPOS system has to keep pace.

With YumaPOS, our all-in-one system can streamline your day-to-day operations on the shopfloor while steering things round the back. Whether it’s gaining priceless customer insights, handling self-service and table ordering or keeping an eye on your stock, our software finds its home on hardware built for hospitality.

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Inventory management. Reinvented.

Whatever’s on the menu, our intuitive dashboard makes it a breeze to categorise, highlight or change item
prices to suit your preferences – all from one place.
Our synchronised coffee shop EPOS system allows you to easily add new or seasonal products your customers will love, giving you an agile online inventory that turns heavy-lifting into easy-clicking, as well as built-in management functions.

Using top-quality hardware powered by industry-leading software, YumaPOS’ automated features allows you to track menu items and keep tabs on inventory levels, so you never sell out. You can even automate your stock count, reordering, delivery and keep an eye on your business performance from the back-office without spinning multiple apps.

Say goodbye to manual menu scrolling and lengthy inventory updates with a single platform that integrates across all devices. We’ll make it easy for you to alter product pricings and item listings, whether you’re offering promotions, something has sold out or it’s a Matcha Monday special.

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Coffee to-go? No problem.

Whether your customers fancy a quick coffee or want to lunch over a latte, you can easily handle multiple order streams with our centralised system. Cater for dine-in and collection thanks to seamless integrations with delivery partners and payments providers, giving your cafe further reach for customers old and new.

Empower your customers to order their favourite products from your very own mobile app or website, enabling them to order on the go. platforms YumaPOS can work with – so your customers can click and collect whenever they crave a coffee and a croissant.

Say goodbye to paper orders and delays, too. YumaPOS can get you set-up for quick and secure mobile orders with crystal-clear displays, so your staff know exactly what’s down the pipeline.

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Make the most of your menu

For coffee shops and cafes, we know that keeping things fresh and exciting is what gets customers hungry for more.

With YumaPOS, we give coffeeshops the power to create a stunning and simple-to-use online menu – that can be controlled and deployed using our intuitive EPOS system. You can even help your customers skip the queue and relax with an in-built QR code ordering solution, so they can navigate menus and input orders quickly and easily.

That’s less faff for staff, and more convenience for customers.

When your menu goes digital, you can capture and utilise super-fresh data straight from your customers to fuel insights, such as popular orders or how many times your cafe’s menu has been used. This gives you the chance to pivot and promote products that’ll catch your customers eye, boosting sales with assured data..

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Don’t buy loyalty - it’s already in-built

One of the best ways for cafes and coffee shops to keep those regulars sweet is with tasty freebies and loyalty promotions. But with a busy shop and staff already hard at work, we know it’s hard for owners to keep tabs on extra marketing activity.

With our in-built loyalty scheme, you can track and load customer points, rewarding your regular customers with freebies, discounts, and more through a single, digitised platform. Boost customer loyalty and relationships with dedicated customer hubs and tailored marketing campaigns, including push notifications and SMS reminders.

All this and more can be deployed through YumaPOS, reminding customers of any redeemable rewards or to simply visit your cafe or coffee shop to cash in – perfect for limited-runs or seasonal specials.

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Ready to get started?

You can always count on our specially trained experts to help you and your staff get started – whether you’re fresh to using EPOS or switching from an existing system. Our team will assist you every step of the way, from the initial enquiry to the installation process to the training and beyond, ensuring your cafe or coffee shop gets the most from our all-in-one solution.
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EPOS for cafe's and coffee shops: Your questions answered

At YumaPOS, we know you need a coffee shop EPOS that can scale to meet your exact needs. That’s why our hardware can make itself useful in any kind of space, with both handheld and kiosk options to suit usage and demand.

Whether you need quick payment terminals or a larger bundle that includes stationary technology, for kitchen and order use, we help our customers find the right EPOS for their business. YumaPOS’ seamlessly integrated system also boasts cloud-based software, which offers a no-fuss solution if you plan on upgrading your hardware.

So no matter what you choose, we believe in offering you a complete product with no hidden fees or charges if you want to integrate new capabilities. Want to experiment with loyalty points and promotions? No problem. Looking to add interactive menus and online ordering? We’ve got you covered.

Once our hardware and software have been set up within your business, the rest is up to you – with support from us if you ever need it.

Choosing a cafe EPOS has never been easier.

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You can count on YumaPOS to supply you with the latest hardware and software when it comes to EPOS technology.

Mix and match the hardware that your cafe or shop requires – as our industry-leading bundles are fully scalable to your business’ goals and development.

Whether you are looking to streamline the entirety of your business operations or simply elevate your business’ ordering process, YumaPOS hardware can help you create faster transactions with handheld systems and payment kiosks.

But what if you choose to expand your system?

At YumaPOS, deciding to integrate features such as include marketing and promotional tools couldn’t be more straightforward. There’s no need to pay any extra – or upgrade your system – as it already comes with your cloud-based software.

Whilst many cafes and shops may start small, we know that some businesses’ goals are to bolster their growth and potential. That’s why we’re by your side throughout your EPOS journey, offering tips, tricks and guidance on how to get the most out of your all-in-one solution.

Depending on your EPOS needs, YumaPOS is able to provide you with a fully integrated, intuitive system that is competitively priced without compromising on performance.

Scale your cafe or shop’s EPOS systems with no hidden fees, so that as your business grows, your all-in-one solution also evolves. YumaPOS can streamline your cafe’s operations by tackling management operations and shop floor outgoings in a single, centralised system. It does this by minimising inefficiencies within the business, by automating loyalty programs, helping boost customer reach and more.

It can even relieve pressure off owners by tracking inventory, time-sheets, reporting capabilities and more, before fine tuning the shop’s output with table management, ordering and data-insights throughout.
Coffee Shops and cafes are some of the busiest business-types in the hospitality sector. That’s where a EPOS system can help with reducing workload and improving overall efficiency and productivity throughout.

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