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Payment flexibility, stock management, and customer insights

With our all-in-one nightclub POS system, managing your nightclub has never been so simple. Of great relief to staff and customers alike, our intuitive systems can do it all.

Looking for adaptable payment transactions, quick sales, in-depth analytics reports on customer behaviour, and on-the-go receipt printers? YumaPOS technology handles all of the important variables that the late-night industry relies on.

Say goodbye to payment errors, inventory mishaps, and long queues at the bar. Making every night one to remember for all the right reasons – choose YumaPOS today.

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What you can expect

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Point-of-sale Software

Synchronise your day-to-day operations and scale your business with our single-platform software solution.

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Order from Table

With handy waiter devices, QR codes and a digital kitchen display, transform your dine-in experience with our table ordering system.

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Marketing & Loyalty Schemes

Keep your customers coming back for more with tempting offers and automated marketing campaigns.

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Inventory Management

Stop worrying about waste and save time on stock checks with a smarter inventory management system.

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Handheld Point-of-sale

Lightweight and packed with innovative YumaPOS software, introduce flexibility to your ordering process with our handheld EPOS solution.

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Live Dashboard & Real-Time Reporting

How well do you know your customers? Take your business to new heights with actionable ordering insights and fuss-free reporting.

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Integrated Kitchen Display Systems

Improve order accuracy and reduce the chaos in the kitchen with our integrated back-of-house display systems.

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The backbone of the success of your business

No matter your specific needs, we can tailor a package to suit.

Our most popular nightclub POS features include:

  • A single platform approach
  • Full payment flexibility
  • Streamlined venue and customer management
  • Efficient sales software
  • Customisable to your needs
  • Detailed data reports and customer analytics
  • Mobile hardware
  • Automated integrations with mobile and web apps

YumaPOS EPOS features

All of these features can prevent long waiting times at the bar, reduce inventory mishaps, and put a stop to profit loss with swift, ultra-reliable payments. With an ‘everything you need in one place’ structure, YumaPOS software is the go-to payment solution for popular venues.

What’s more, we at YumaPOS do not demand additional charges for essential services like stock management or automated marketing schemes. This ensures you can devote your resources to what matters most – the continued success of your nightclub.

What our clients think

Excellent, prompt service

The Till system itself is easy to use and customisable allowing for our business to run efficiently and more organise. Chris has been really helpful and accommodating with setting up the system. Nothing is too much of a problem. Highly recommend

Mai L - Yuma Customer
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Is YumaPOS right for your nightclub?

We don’t blame you for wondering if YumaPOS is right for your nightclub. There are so many options of EPOS software out there, it can be hard to choose!

Fortunately, we know exactly how to prove why our hardware and software stands leagues above our competition. We’re efficient, adaptable, integrated and cost effective.

Even small nightclub owners can take advantage of our innovative cloud-based technology, which allows you to access business essentials like data analytics and stock from anywhere in the world.


Why YumaPOS is the right choice for you

Not yet convinced? Here’s why YumaPOS is the right choice for your nightclub:

The best thing about the YumaPOS nightclub POS system is how affordable payment processing becomes. There are no hidden fees or challenging set-ups. Everything is as it should be: simple, straightforward, and accessible.

Because our EPOS software is fully integrated, everything your business needs to process payments is in one place. No matter if you’re taking chip and pin payments or contactless, you won’t need a separate payment gateway – our online payment processing handles it all.

Receipt printing and order taking come under the simplified umbrella of YumaPOS payment processing, so there’s no need to outsource parts of your business elsewhere. This can save you crucial funds in the long run, making YumaPOS a worthy investment.

What products bring your nightclub the most profit? Our nightclub POS system can shed some light, giving business owners complete access to customer behaviour, including purchasing activity and recent visits.

By identifying customer buying habits, your club can generate specific campaigns to target a customer’s likes, with the added inclusion of push notifications, automated emails, and SMS messaging to keep your club’s popularity high.

With YumaPOS, you can direct your customers’ attention to certain events or products with the integrated loyalty point and incentive scheme – all included as part of the package.

YumaPOS streamlines the analytics and reporting processes of your business, so you can gain valuable insight into every detail of your product sales, customer analytics, and more.

With our well-consolidated EPOS system, you as a nightclub owner are able to access over 100 reports related to what’s working at what isn’t. These reports are available wherever you are, whenever you’d like to look at them.

You can pinpoint the purchasing activity of your customers, and implement an automated push notification campaign to retain their interest with our all-in-one nightclub POS software. You can also monitor transaction reports in real time, allowing you to keep track of sales as soon as they come in.

With YumaPOS, keeping a close eye on your business couldn’t be easier.

An integrated nightclub POS system isn’t worth its salt if you don’t have the support to reinforce and maintain the software.

We at YumaPOS are specialists in our field, and always make sure there’s a member of the support team available to assist with any queries.

Our in-house experts can guide you through the intricacies of your POS system from start to finish, aiding in everything from set-up to customisation and learning techniques.

A successful nightclub depends on having a fully stocked inventory of alcoholic drinks, soft beverages, and snacks to satisfy its customers.

YumaPOS’ EPOS software has a few extremely useful features that assist in simple stock management, so you can run your nightclub without stress.

Define different product types, prices, attributes and modifiers as part of our all-in-one system. You can also change these listed items across different nightclub locations, or just the one.

Controlling inventory levels is possible at the touch of a button, as well as creating audits, purchase orders, and much more. These inventory items are automatically deducted at the moment of sales, making stock management a breeze.


Enquire Now and Request a Demo!

At YumaPOS, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of integrated, intuitive nightclub POS systems that can be thoroughly customised to suit your demands.

Nightclubs tend to be large, bustling venues. We understand that this can bring a host of management challenges, impossible to solve without a reliable EPOS system. That is why we devote so much of our time to ensuring your club functions effectively, rooted in the finest POS software the industry has to offer.

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Your nightclub POS system questions answered

When it comes to choosing a reliable nightclub POS system, your options may at first appear overwhelming. To help you out, we’ll be answering some common questions that we’re often asked.

Of course, if you’d rather speak to a human or have a question that’s real specific, our charming team is at hand and will be happy to help. Simply give us a call.

Small businesses across a great number of sectors can benefit greatly from an integrated POS system. Although your enterprise may be limited in scope or location – a local bar, for example – it is paramount that you maintain efficiency and functionality within your business.

Making informed decisions about inventory management, stock techniques, and employee schedules, as well as simplifying administrative processes, is key to the future growth and success of your business – whether you plan to remain small and stable or grow.

In a bar setting, customers often come directly to the bar to pay. Therefore, a POS system here might be found in a POS terminal, rather than a handheld device, behind the bar.

The purpose of a bar POS is to collect fast payments from customers, and consistently track the flow of inventory. This makes monitoring customers, product and fellow staff members easy and effective.

Especially following the pandemic, it has become increasingly common to expect orders to be taken from the table. The YumaPOS nightclub system is versatile, and we also offer integrated QR code ordering to give your club a table service option should you be looking to introduce VIP areas, or are simply looking for a solution to reduce the wait at the bar.

The best bar and nightclub POS system is, of course, YumaPOS! Our clients love it, and we hope you’ll be the next nightclub to get on board.

The wide range of features that our POS software brings to the table, and its ability to handle both a high influx of customers and a constantly changing inventory, means a YumaPOS EPOS system is always ready to handle the oft-extreme demands of a busy bar or nightclub.

Streamlined, straightforward and experienced, bar management software has never been so adaptable or easily utilised. The fact that we at YumaPOS have a team of talented experts available to assist in the installation and customisation of this software – whenever you call – solidifies the fact that our EPOS systems excel not only in capability, but in customer support and satisfaction.